The mid-twentieth century was a hot bed of music culture as social, political, and economic tensions churned people into a rage of self-expression.  The “Roaring Twenties” kicked us off with Jazz music and before long, big bands were swinging just about every kind of music imaginable, including country.  Hillbilly Swing or Western Swing music was a favorite all over America, combining the local country flavor with the modern, more urbanized, swing sound.

dave young
mark (raul) shewchuk
mia johnson
Tom McKernan

Philadelphia, pa

The four founding members of the Keystone Swingbillies spent nearly 7 years working together with a tribute show performing the music of Johnny Cash and June Carter.  They struck such a close bond that when the show ended, they formed the Keystone Swingbillies so that they could continue to work together and play some of the same great music which had been a part of their life for so long.


vocals & guitar

Like many great musicians before him, Dave was raised in the church singing solos in the cantatas and following his parents passion for music and the performing arts.  Leaving his small town home in the Allegheny Mountains, he braved the “big cities” of Pittsburgh and Nashville where he studied classical guitar, sound recording, and broadcast media production.  Today he owns and operates his own sound & video production company called Widget Studios www.widgetstudios.com, which services the media production needs of musicians and performing artists of all kinds.  When not singing with the Keystone Swingbillies, he enjoys leading worship at Blue Route Vineyard Community Church www.blueroutevineyard.com in Media, Pennsylvania.



Originally from Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Mia has been making music in her current hometown of Philadelphia since 1995.  A self-taught singer and rhythm guitarist, she has carved out a vocation of musical performance doing everything from being a solo act, providing harmony as a backing vocalist or fronting a full band.  As an avid consumer of all types of music her influences are unlimited but has found her greatest vocal strength in the styles of rock, country and roots.      www.miajohnson.net



Mark enjoys hot sauce on everything, making good American music with good people, playing drums deliberately with the song in mind, and is about to realize his dream of becoming a Rutherford B. Hayes impersonator.



Tom loves cats and South Philly where he has resided for nearly a decade.  He works as a software designer for a non-profit, and enjoys watching the games of rugby and cricket.  He and Dave Young began playing together in the winter of ’04 when they both joined the Johnny Cash tribute which would eventually bring the four of them together.


album track list:
It Don’t Pay to Advertise
It’s my lazy Day
Beer Bottle mama
Juke Box Blues
Always late (with your kisses)
Wildwood Flower

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other players:

dustin beck (piano)
Dustin is an incredible pianist who hosts an open mic at Warmdaddy’s and plays a mean Dr. John.

ALEX YOUSSEfian (fiddle)
Alex is an accomplished violinist who studied at Oberlin Conservatory and teaches violin in South Philly area schools.